Math Modeling Event

On Friday, December 15th 2023, NJAMTE and the department of Mathematics at Montclair State University hosted a math modeling evening. The focus of the event was the teaching and learning of math modeling.

During the event, Dr. Catherine Roberts, the new CEO of the Consortium of Mathematics and its Applications (COMAP), presented the modeling competitions and resources they have for students and educators. 

The event also included an award ceremony where Dr. Henry Pollak received the Sol Garfunker award by COMAP. 

Additionally, students from the PhD program in Math Education at Montclair State University presented their research on math modeling. 

Here are some of our numerous pictures from the event. At the center is Dr. Pollak with some of our attendees.

Top right is Dr. Roberts, COMAP CEO, talking about the difference between a math problem and a modeling problem. 

Top left is Helene Leonard, doctoral student at Montclair State University, presenting a modeling problem they designed and implemented for Algebra 1 and 2 classes.

Bottom right is our NJAMTE president, Dr. Nicole Panorkou, presenting at the event and bottom left is a picture of our audience. 


CELS Building, Room 120

Montclair State University